Modafinil vs Adrainil

Modafinil and Adrafinil both members of the afinil family of notoropics, and were initially developed to be used as treatments for narcolepsy. Afinils are known as wakefulness promoting agents, so they are well used to treating narcolepsy, and other similar needs. Adrafinil was mainly used in France for these reasons until being discontinued in favor of Modafinil. Adrafinil is the pro-drug to Modafinil, and therefore it is processed into Modafinil in your liver. Both Modafinil and Adrafinil are used by healthy individuals with no neurological issues in order to increase their focus and productivity. Many people find that by taking Adrafinil or Modaifnil they are able to greatly increase their productivity in work, or in their studies. 

They each have one main benefit over the other one. Adrafinil’s main benefit is the fact that it’s legal. Modafinil is a schedule iiii drug in the United States, so in order to acquire it you need to either get a prescription (which requires that you have narcolepsy), or order it from a sketchy online Indian pharmacy. Now, there are many of these pharmacies so it can sometimes be difficult to sift the good ones from the chaff, but a couple of google searches and some digging on Reddit should be able to. Now, despite the fact that ordering Modafinil over the internet is illegal, it is highly unlikely to land you in any sort of legal trouble. I have yet to hear a single report of someone in the United States getting into legal trouble for ordering Modaifnil over the internet. Even though it is likely very safe, if you are the first person to order Modafinil and get in trouble for it, I am not liable. I don’t condone that you do anything illegal.
Whereas Modafinil is illegal, Adrafinil can be ordered legally from noootrpics suppliers based in the US.

Modafinil’s main benefit over Adrafinil is that it doesn’t harm your body, and has been more heavily studied. As Adrafinil is processed into Modafinil in your liver, it is highly speculated that Adrafinil consumption will cause liver damage if taken too frequently. Now, this has not been studied, so it is all speculation. 

Modafinil on the other hand has been thoroughly studied, and is known to be quite safe. 

These two substances are both very effective performance enhancers, and if you are looking to boost your productivity and focus then I am sure you will be happy with whichever one you decide in. Which one you choose really comes down to how willing you are to face the potential legal risks which are associated with ordering Modafinil over the internet, vs how willing you are to subject your liver to a potentially dangerous compound which has not been very thoroughly studied. Either way, I am not responsible for any potential liver damage, or legal trouble that may arise due to you reading this article. Stay in school, eat your vegetables, and don’t do anything illegal.

Noopept Review

Noopept is a very unique nootropic substance. First developed in Russia, Noopept was initially developed as a treatment for neurological disorders. (ref nootreviews) Noopept shows much promise in this regard, and is being heavily studied on it’s abilities in this area. Beyond it’s medical benefits, Noopept is primarily used in the United Staes and Europe as a legal nootropic supplement to improve cognitive performance. (ref wikipedia) there are a multitude of different effects which people report getting from Noopept, and a whole host of different reasons why people use it. This makes Noopept a very versatile nootropic which can have many different functions.

Among this wide array of different effects, the main effects which people report getting from Noopept are an increased mood, reduced anxiety, and enhanced verbal fluency. Increased mood is generally the most reported of these effects. This makes Noopept highly unique among nootropics, as it actually provides the user with an enhanced mood. Sure, there are many nootropics for focus, anxiety, and almost everything else. However, finding a nootropic that is this effective for boosting your mood is quite rare. There are certainly nootropics that do this, namely tianpetine. The problem with tianeptine is that it is an opiate, thus is addictive, and causes physical withdrawals when use is stopped. (ref NCBI) This makes tianeptine a dangerous nootropic to use, and not a viable solution for improving your mood. Luckily, Noopept does not cause addiction, and isn’t harmful for your body or brain. Quite the contrary - Noopept actually increases BDNF in your brain. BDNF, or, Brain-derived neurotrophic factor is one of the most important things for overall brain health. BDNF is the hormone responsible for the preservation of old brain cells, as well as for the production of new ones. Because of this, it is overall a highly important hormone for improving your brain health. This means that Noopept is not only a highly effective nootropic, it is also very good for your brain health.

Another thing that makes Noopept so unique is the fact that it is not a member of the racetam family of nootropics. It is very similar in it’s effects, and in it’s mechanism of action, yet it is not actually a racetam as it’s chemical structure differs from those of racetams. Despite this fact, Noopept is often colloquially considered to be a racetam, because it is similar in so many ways.

If you are considering taking Noopept, it is very important to do so along with a choline supplement. Here’s why: Noopept effects 2 main receptor pathways in the brain, AMPA receptors, and acetylcholine receptors. It’s effect on your brains acetylcholine systems is one the main factors responsible for Noopept’s powerful beneficial effetcs. In order to produce more acetylcholine your body needs choline, and choline is the building block of acetylcholine. See where I’m going with this? You need to take a choline supplement with Noopept (and with any members of the racetam group of nootropic substances) in order to give your brain the proper fuel to produce more acetylcholine. If you neglect to do this, you may end up with a choline deficiency. This is known to cause headaches, lethargy, and more uncomfortable side effects. None of these side effects are particularly dangerous or life threatening, but they are annoying and easily avoidable. Some research has also been conducted which demonstrates that Noopept or Piracetam taken along with a choline supplement is far more effective at increasing memory and focus. As you can see, taking a choline supplement with Noopept is a must.

That’s it, ladies and gents. All in all Noopept is a very effective nootropic in a whole host of different areas. As long as you are smart and take a choline supplement along with your Noopept, there is no way you will be disappointed with it. 

Piracetam vs Oxiracetam

These are two of the most widely used nootropic supplements available today. Many beginners to nootropics usage start with either one, or both of these two chemicals. They are both members of the racetam family of nootropics, and are somewhat structurally similar, despite this they can have widely different effects.

One area in which they are pharmacologically very similar is the fact that they both increase the levels of acetylcholine in the brain. This is their main mechanism of action, and is what is responsible for many of their desirable effects. This also means that it is a good idea to take a choline supplement if you plan on using one or both of these nootropics.

Choline is necessary for your body to produce more acetylcholine, so not having enough and taking something that increases acetylcholine could lead you to get a condition known as “choline fatigue”. Choline fatigue isn’t harmful, life threatening, or anything of the sort. Rather, it is simply really uncomfortable, as well as being easily avoidable. If you get choline fatigue, it will be accompanied with a headache, tiredness, lack of motivation, and sometimes nausea. All of this can be avoided if you simply take a choline supplement with your racetams.

There are a few different forms of choline available today, so sometimes it can be difficult to decide which one to buy. The main forms include choline bitartrate, choline CPD, and Alpha GPC choline. The former two are relatively cheap, but are of a far lower quality than that of Alpha GPC. Alpha GPC is the form of choline which is most available to your body by far. This means that you get much more bang for your buck when purchasing Alpha GPC choline. 

My personal experience:

Personally, I far prefer Piracetam to Oxiracetam. Piracetam causes me to get an increase in verbal fluency, memory, focus, and sociability. All of these effects together sounds like it is too good to be true, and I wouldn’t have believed it to be possible before trying Piracetam for myself. On top of all of these wonderful benefits, the effects of Piracetam only get better the longer you have been taking it. This had benefited my life highly. None of the individual effects are all that intense, but having a small boost in each of these areas that has only developed over time has been an incredible aid to me. All in all, I will say that my supplementation with Piracetam has changed my life for the better.

Oxiracetam, however, is useless to me. The only thing that happens when I take Oxiracetam is I get mildly cranky, and a headache. I have heard many reports of very beneficial experiences with Oxiracetam, so I was disappointed when I did not get any desirable effects from it. I guess that’s the name of the game when it comes to taking nootropics, though. As you can probably imagine, I no longer take Oxiracetam.

It is important that you keep in mind the following: What you read was only my individual experience, and you may have the opposite experience when using these two nootropics. You could go into productivity god-mode when taking Oxiracetam, and have nothing happen at all from taking Piracetam. Rather than just buying one, it is a good idea to order a bit of both and test them personally. Then you’ll have an idea of how they effect you, and you’ll be able to make a decision of which one you want to order more of.

Throughout the past few years I have experimented with a wide variety of different nootropic substances. I have found many of these nootropics to be very beneficial, but I don’t think that any of them have given the same wonderful level of benefits which Noopept has given me.


There are many different reasons that I use nootropics, ranging from wanting to increase my focus and wanting to lower my social anxiety.

Since when I began using nootropics I have used many of the popular ones, such as Modafinil, Piracetam, Phenibut and Pramiracetam.

There are many different things that I take into account when judging a new nootropic, but the main factors which I base my opinion on are a nootropic’s effectiveness, it’s cost, and it’s effects on my health
As far as raw power of effects go, nootropics such as Modaifnil and Phenibut take the cake. You would be hard pressed to find an anti-anxiety drug as powerful and Phenibut, and it would be difficult to find something which increases productivity and focus as much as Modafinil does. The only problem is, you cannot take either of these very frequently without A: Developing a tolerance, and B: getting negative, potentially unhealthy side effects.

A good dose of Modafinil allows me to bang out hours and hours of grueling work in a day, yeah, but I don’t think it’s healthy to take this more than twice a week maximum.

One and a half grams of Phenibut makes my social anxiety vanish in the wind, and I feel like Casanova, true. The only problem with this is, Phenibut is highly addictive, and can cause some of the worst withdrawal symptoms humanly possible. When you are withdrawing from Phenibut dependency it is not uncommon to not be able to sleep for an entire week, not to mention the earth shattering anxiety which you feel. This makes me very skeptical about using Phenibut, and it’s not something that I want to use too often, if at all.

So, both of these chemicals can be wonderful, and certainly have their time and place, but it is necessary to find something that can be used multiple times per week, and with long term safety.

This is where Noopept comes in. Now, Noopept certainly doesn’t produce as pronounced acute effects as either of those two boots which I mentioned above, but it does give me very noticeable and beneficial effects. 20mg of Noopept gives me mildly enhanced focus, and energy. It also increases my verbal fluidity, and makes me much happier and open towards the world. On top of these wonderful effects, I have to say that the best part of Noopept for me is it’s pro-social effects. I feel almost no social anxiety after taking Noopept, and it actually gives me the motivation to get out of bed and go meet people. Unlike drugs like Phenibut and Modafinil, these effects have just gotten better over time the longer that I have been taking Noopept. Another wonderful aspect of Noopept is the fact that it is actually good for brain health. Yes, you heard that right - it is possible for you to have all of these wonderful benefits, and actually make your brain healthier at the same time.

A lot of these positive benefits form taking Noopept come from Noopept’s ability to affect acetylcholine receptors, and increase the amount of acetylcholine in your brain. This means that it is necessary to take Noopept along with a choline supplement, as choline is the building block of acetylcholine. This will ensure that you get the full set of positive effects from Noopept with any possible nasty side effects.

Along with all these wonderful benefits, Noopept is freakishly cheap! It only costs be a few dollars a month, and I have more than I could ever possibly need. To this day I take 25 milligrams of Noopept in the morning every singly day of the week. For some people this dosage may prove to be a bit on the high side, so if you decide to use Noopept I recommend that you start off with only 10 milligrams, and work your way up from there.

If you take too high of a dosage, you may end up experiencing memory loss. I have read quite a few product reviews, and reports on various forums which state that Noopept can greatly reduce one’s short term memory. This effect is especially present at high doses in the 20mg+ range. I am quite thankful that I have never had these side effects, and my memory even seems to be slightly enhanced since I have started taking Noopept. I am very glad that I do not experience this, or any other negative side effects from using Noopept, because I would hate to go back to my life how it was before I began taking Noopept. 

You experience here may vary, and there’s not way of knowing how Noopept will effect you without buying some and testing it for yourself. If you do decide to go this route, then I recommend PeakNootropics, as they are based in the US, have amazing prices, high quality products, and wonderful customer service and shipping. 

That’s it, I hope you enjoyed my experience report, and my assessment of Noopept.

Phenibut vs Xanax

Here I am going to compare these two powerful anti-anxiety drugs. I am going to judge them by a few of the most important points, and then make a final judgement at the end.

Positive effects


Xanax is known as the cadillac of anti anxiety drugs. Ok, it’s not really known as that, but I think the name fits, so I’m gonna call it that anyway. Xanax is incredibly powerful and fast acting, so it is a very effective tool for treating panic attacks, which is what it’s prescribed for. As far recreational effects go, it can be useful to take 1/2 a milligram before a party or other large social occasion. This dosage will not impair you, but will be enough to noticeably reduce your anxiety.


Phenibut is a newer arrival to the scene of anti anxiety drugs. It is not FDA approved in the United States, so it is considered a grey area research chemical. 

Phenibut causes a very strong reduction in anxiety, but unlike Xanax it does not impair the user at all. Only in higher doses of 2+ grams will it have a noticeable effect on your cognitive ability, and there is no reason to dose that high anyway. All of the desirable anti anxiety effects can be had by taking around 1 gram.

Withdrawals and addiction


Xanax is one of the most addictive substances on the planet. Seriously, you should be very careful if you ever decide to use Xanax. Not only does it create a strong physical dependency if used chronically, it also causes a strong psychological pull to use it due to how effective it is in reducing anxiety. 

The withdrawals from Xanax addiction are known as some of the worst around. It is not uncommon for a heavy user to not be able to sleep for a week when quitting cold turkey. In addition to this cold sweats, and terrible rebound anxiety are both common aspects of withdrawals.


While not as psychologically addictive as Xanax, Phenibut does cause physical addiction on par with, or worse than Xanax. Phenibut is very quick to build tolerance, so many users will increase their doses over time. 

Due to Phenibut’s long half life in the system it is very easy to cause physical dependence. One need only take it 3-4 days in a row, and you will likely get withdrawals symptoms from stopping cold turkey. In order to avoid tolerance, withdrawals and addiction, I don’t think Phenibut should ever be taken more than a couple of times a month.



Xanax is a schedule 2 substance in the US, which means that it is illegal to buy, sell, or use. If you have a doctor’s prescription then it is legal to use. If you have awful panic attacks or night terrors and need to treat them with Xanax, I advice that you only do so through a doctor.

If you do not have night terrors or anxiety attacks, I advise you to tread very lightly when considering to use Xanax. Starting by using it only once a week can easily be a slippery slope, and very quickly turn into using it 2 times a week, and then 3 times a week, etc, etc.

Also, I do not condone the use of illegal drugs.


In the United States Phenibut is a research chemical, which means that it is legal to buy and sell, but “not for human consumption”. It is possible to order Phenibut over the internet, unlike Xanax.

All in all, both of these substances are incredibly effective at reducing anxiety, and both come with very high risks of addiction and withdrawals. If you choose to use either of them, I advise you to do so with the utmost caution.

An embarrassing tale from my youth

If you have been looking for an epic tale of love, deceit, and somebody throwing up Chinese food everywhere, look no further! Let me begin.

Last Saturday I had plans to meet with my girlfriend. Our plan was to go to the movies, and then grab dinner together.

We had been seeing each other for 2 months at this point, and I was quite fond of her. Her name was Ashley. She was tall with long red hair, had the figure of an angel, and a personality to boot. She was one of the kindest people I had ever met, and I loved every second of being around her.

So, Ashley texted me a couple of hours before and cancelled on the movie. She said she still wanted to grab dinner, but she got asked to stay late at work so she didn’t have time for a movie. I said it was no problem, and decided to play some GTA 5 while I waited for her to finish.

I spent the next couple of hours buying hookers, crashing expensive cars, and more. It was a good time. I’m not generally a huge fan of video games, but something about GTA 5 just does it for me. I’m not sure if it’s the freedom the the open world aspect of the game brings, or the ability it gives me to purge my darkest emotions through doing awful shit. It’s likely a bit of each.

At around 8 I went to Kung-Pho palace, the restaurant that Ashley and I had planned to meet at. She wasn’t there yet, so I decided to order for us to save time. I asked for chicken lo-mein (Ashley’s favorite), and pork fried rice, my dish of choice.

It was 8:30 and Ashley hadn’t arrived yet, so I texted her to ask what was up. She was usually quite punctual, so I found it very odd that she hadn’t shown yet. Ashley responded instantly “I’m stuck in traffic, go ahead and start without me”. I normally dislike being rude, but I was fucking starving, so i started to gorge myself on my pork fried rice.

Soon it was 9 o’clock, and Ashley still hadn’t showed. By this point I had finished my entire platter of pork fried rice, and was starting to get worried. This is when I got another text from Ashley. “Hey… I’m breaking up with you. This relationship just isn’t working for me anymore, and there’s somebody else”. 

No, this couldn’t be. How could she do this to me? I thought to myself.

I started bawling right there at the table. Imagine the scene, me, a full grown man, sobbing his eyes out over his empty plate of pork fried rice. I’m sure it was a sight to behold for all the other patrons of the restaurant.

I decided that since I was already there I might as well order a cocktail. I had walked to the restaurant since I live so close by, so I didn’t need to drive home.

 The restaurant sells these drinks with blended mango and vodka, and they looked very appealing at that time. Normally I’m not a big drinker, but in this case I made an exception.

That first cocktail really eased my suffering, and I started to relax. This is when I had the fabulous idea to turn 1 cocktail into 2, and then 2 into 3.

I didn’t realize how drunk I was getting, and I soon started to be belligerent. Two waitresses had to come over to calm me down, because I was starting to yell “why would she do that?? why would she do that to me?”. 

I yelled at the waitresses to shut up, and stood up to leave. Right as I stood up, it hit me. I was incredibly nauseous, and felt like my insides were being turned inside out. I puked up chunks of half digested pork fried rice all over the waitresses. They called the manager to kick me out, and I am now banned.

Not only did I lose my beloved girlfriend that day, I also lost my favorite Chinese restaurant.

That’s all, and I hope you enjoyed this embarrassing tale from earlier in my life.